Flirty Fringes (Shimmy, Shimmy)

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Fringes are back. Possibly one of the most iconic fashion facets of the 20th century, fringed fashion is back in full force.

Fringes played a crucial role in adding lightness, flintiness and frivolity to various Autumn/Winter collections. Notable collections included Michael Kors, Milly and Prabal Gurung. Fringes adorned sleeves, embellished dresses and added drama to the hemlines of skirts and tops.


source: Vogue

Michael Kors designs for women who lead. His Autumn/Winter collection paid homage to that notion, but added a fun and experimental flair to how he tailored and finished his garments. He effortlessly combined power and seduction in well tailored dresses, skirts and coats, adding drama and playfulness with his keen eye for detail.


source: Vogue

Milly nailed chic with a strong message in their Autumn/Winter collection. While the clothing modelled had a moody undertone, with the rips and cuts symbolising a fractured society – the collection’s theme – deconstruction, reversibility and effortless cut outs presented a polished, strong and grungy appeal. Milly nailed the classic concrete jungle vibe, emulating the 90’s power woman so many of us seek to recreate in our own fashions.



source: Vogue

There’s no better place then the runway to display a message you’re proud of. Prabal Gurung did exactly that. He nailed what he was passionate about with emphatic tees and bold prints. Perhaps the greatest feat was employing gorgeous women who aren’t the fashion industry approved size zero. Overall, the collection was a progressive, stunning collection that heralded the changes we need to see in our fashion industry.

So you’ve seen what the runways displayed. Here’s my take on adding fringes to your wardrobe. It’s up to your taste and preference, whether you go all out or keep it in a classic, small pop.


From earrings, to bags. shoes and scarves, a little fringe flair on your accessories is a great way to add a bit of playfulness without looking too much.


Adding fringe to your tops is an excellent way to amp up the drama, whether it be on the sleeves or the hemline. The key consideration however, is considering your body shape:

For the curvier ladies, yes I’m referring to the full figured pear and hourglass women, fringes are perfect for drawing attention to your silhouette,r regardless of where the fringe detailing fall.s However, if you are wearing fringe on your hemline, make sure the length of the fringe sits neatly and symmetrically on the waist, so your curves are not hidden.

Straighter figured women falling into the inverted triangle, apple and rectangular body shapes should consider more subtle fringing at the hemline of a longer, looser top. Fringes are the perfect way to draw the attention down, as an onlooker is sure to follow the tassel length towards your legs.


Fringes are an exciting element to add to skirts and dresses. Your main consideration should be skirt length:

Pear and hourglass girls should gravitate toward longer skirts with a tight waistline and fringed hemming to flatter the body’s silhouette. Ladies with a straighter form can wear skirts or dresses of any length. Women with an apple figure should choose a skirt or dress with a more flounced/princess style skirt, whereas inverted triangle and rectangular figures should choose an A-Line silhouette with fringe detailing appearing anywhere on the skirt.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal


To pay homage to the runways that featured colour schemes with vibrant metallics and moody tones, I decided to feature a look that combines a more subtle fringe detailing. This look is both corporate and brunch appropriate, and adds personality in the way the elements have been combined:

The ensemble I have created this week features a crochet, grey knitted, half sleeve cardigan flaunting fringe detailing on the hemline. I paired this jacket with a diamond neckline black pencil dress from Forcast, and accented my waist with a simple, black belt. I finished off the ensemble by adding a pop of colour and vivacity with snake print pumps. To keep the look corporate, I went with a classic structured black purse and my trusty Skagen watch.


cardigan: Rockmans | dress: Forcast | shoes: Corelli | earrings: Lovisa | watch: Skagen | bag: Charles and Keith


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ALERT, this autumn is going to be bold and bright. That obviously means RED.

Red was huge on the runway. From Victoria Beckham to Jill Sanders, and of course Gucci and Givenchy, brands featured red from small pops to full blown ensembles.


The autumn/winter 2018 collection paid homage to the Givenchy spirit, presenting 27 of the label’s best outfits over the last twelve years. All in the classic Givenchy styled red with vintage detailing representing the season the garment was from.

source: Vogue 

Jill Sander

This collection was all about combining minimalist design with a whimsical twist. Coats, suits and dresses were bold at the shoulder, yet soft with flared sleeves, abstract patterns, and silk. Although the tailoring was impecable, there was an evident play on the proportions of the garments.

source: Vogue 

Victoria Backham

Victoria Beckham featured tailored, bold and oversized blazers with relaxed, knee-high leather boots and sheer, chiffon skirts in a bright, raspberry red.

source: Vogue 

Although some street styles may be difficult to transition from the runway, red as a trend is easy to synthesise into your wardrobe. there are various ways to incorporate red into your looks, whether it be from a pop of red lipstick, or a power suit. Retailers ranging from the high street to the boutiques have provided an array of options to choose from.

Whatever your style may be, there is always a way to embrace red into your outfits. Here’s how you can make your outfits fall ready, from red-to-toe!

Phase 1: The first step

When starting out with such a bright colour, incporate it into your wardrobe with jewellery, makeup, bags, belts and shoes. A pop of red lipstick or doing your nails is a great corporate hack to being trendy on the job. It’s also the perfect way to brighten up an outfit in autumn or winter. Pairing a bold shoe or bag with a simple outfit can elevate your look without overwhelming the eye.

Phase 2: A little deeper

Red tops, pants and skirts are fairly easy to style. Wear what you like, keeping in mind the balance that is necessary when wearing such a strong colour. My first tip is to find the red that matches your skin tone. A great way to do this is to get a makeup artist to match your skin tone to a matte red lipstick. This shade will look good on you from head to toe.

The second tip is considering body type. For the curvy ladies – hourglass and pear – the goal is to make sure attention is on the upper half of the body. A red top is perfect. However, if you would like to style red pants or a red skirt, ensure the drama remains at the top.  Pairing red pants/skirt with a statement belt is an excellent way to draw the eye up. Another consideration is the tightness of the pant leg. I would advise against a skin-tight pant/skirt, select a garment that glazes smoothly over the body instead, for example, red culottes.

Girls with an inverted triangle, apple or rectangular figure should concentrate on the draw attlower half of the body. For you, red pants/skirts are fabulous, especially if it’s tight-fitting. You can jazz up your pants by folding them at the ankles. But if you would like to style a red top, select one that is longer in length and flows over your silhouette.

For more information on skirts, please refer to my earlier post: ADD LINK

Phase 3: Tip-to-Toe

A red dress is a symbol of confidence. If this is your domain, the same rules apply, consider the tone of the red and your figure.  it is the perfect garment for any casual get-together, or a fancy night out.

Red is not a very corporate colour. However, if you work in a more relaxed environment, throw on a classic black blazer or tailored jacket.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal

I have created an evening look, choosing to portray a classic, feminine ensemble. My top is a cooler red to complement my skin tone. The top features a beautiful lace neckline and draws attention to the upper half of my body. The-envious midi skirt always looks chic, and for myself, balances my curves.

In terms of accessories, the earrings are red with silver embellishments, and I have chosen a shiny silver bracelet to match. My shoes are a deep midnight blue to break the black-red theme of the outfit. And lastly, a pop of red lipstick.


Top: Temt | skirt: Target Australia| shows: Nine West | earrings: Lovisa | bracelet: boutique | lipstick: Nars


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Ladies, this is the final segment for integrating plaid this autumn in 2018 – casual jackets, blazers and coats.


  TOPSHOP                                  BISHOP + YOUNG

Bomber jackets are the it-girl fashion piece. With sports-luxe fashion amalgamating athleisure with street style popular on the runways, a plaid bomber is the perfect garment to elevate your closet.

Bomber jackets are so versatile, so play it up with plaid print, embellishments and material. Bombers come in all textures, ranging from chic silk for a more polished look, to oversized military cuts with bold collaring and shoulders.

Whilst bomber jackets are more suited to straighter figured women because of the straight cut or collarless feature, curvier women should forgo heavier materials and brighter prints, and instead choose smoother fabrics such as silk to flow over the silhouette. A more form fitting bomber jacket is a great layering piece.


FOREVER 21                      ZARA                      KAITELYNN-STORE

Plaid coats can seem daunting, simply because of the amount of print emblazoned on you. However, I believe they are an autumn/winter essential. A statement coat is the perfect finishing piece. Plaid provides personality to a garment that is usually kept simple in both colour and print.

When choosing the right coat for you, consider:

  1. length
  2. fitting
  3. collar design


Women falling into the rectangular, apple or inverted triangle figure category should select a coat with a longer length (below thigh), with a masculine appeal. The longer length draws attention down, and the masculinity tames the broad upper body.

Curvier women falling into the pear or hourglass figure category should select a more tailored coat that features a tie waist or cinching. This ensures that your curves are not hidden by the bulkiness usually associated with coats. Any length coat is appropriate, but consider matching the coat’s shoulder breadth to your hip breadth to create balance.


First and foremost, women with straighter figures should avoid shoulder pads at all costs. The last thing you want to do is accentuate the broadest part of your body. Tuxedo or collarless coats are the perfect choice.

For curvier women, avoid straighter collar cuts and collarless coats. Choose dramatic collars such as double breasted or wide lapels to ensure attention is drawn up.

TIP: Forego furs with plaid, and tie in your look with a scarf instead. 


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal




I wanted my plaid coat to have all the attention with this ensemble, so I paired a simple full sleeved black top featuring elegant button detailing on the decotage, with a vintage cream wrap skirt. I finished the look with a pair of nude, kitten keeled, crocodile textured pumps and a classic IWC watch. To tie in the nude, cream, black and white, I went with a natural lip colour and simple studs.


Coat: boutique | Skirt: Vintage find from mum’s wardrobe | Top: Target Australia | Heels: Supersoft by Diana Ferrari | Watch: IWC | Earrings: Lovisa | Lipstick: Burts Bees


TOPSHOP                                              VERA MODA

This season on the runway, plaid blazers featured bold colours with softer patterns. Conceptually, choosing the right plaid blazer applies the same formula in terms of length, fitting and collar style as coats. The main difference is choosing a pattern and colour that works for you.





Powersuits are all the rage, but who says power suits have to feature traditional blazers and trousers? I created a power suit by pairing a jumpsuit with a chunky belt and wide leg, with a light print plaid blazer. I tied in the look with sophisticated silver earrings, classic black pumps and a berry lip to create drama.


Jumpsuit: Forecast | Blazer: Forecast | Heels: Corelli } Lipstick: Burts Bees | Earrings: Lovisa

This brings us to the end of the plaid series. Keep an eye out for all the details on the next autumn/winter trend your wardrobes simply cannot miss!



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Now that we’ve established introducing a trend like plaid into our wardrobe, let’s talk about wearing plaid in larger doses – tops, pants, skirts and dresses.


VERO MODA                                   SHEIN                                              ASOS

In tops, there are three things to consider: print size, top length, and fitting.


For women with straighter figures (rectangular, apple and inverted triangle), select looser fitting tops that feature a less intricate print. Big checks or wider plaid patterns are much more flattering for these silhouettes. On the other hand, curvier women (pear, hourglass) should choose more intricate and exciting designs to ensure the attention remains on the top half of the body.


Since plaid is such a striking pattern, ensure that the top length is longer for women with straighter figures. The top must support a looser fitting. For curvier women, the top length should be shorter or neatly tucked into the bottom garment with a tight fitting so that every gorgeous curve is on full display.


Because plaid as a print speaks for itself, pair your tops with simple bottoms, such as, well fitted jeans, tailored shorts and skirts.

Colour is very important when pairing plaid. For apple/rectangular/inverted triangle body shapes, the colour of the bottom garment you choose should not be dull, for example, if your top features red, black and white, go for a pair of medium-wash denim shorts. Your long legs are an asset that should not be shadowed.

For the ladies with curves, Stick to darker, solid colours for a more slimming effect.


TBDRESS                                                                       TBDRESS

For pants, we must consider leg shape and plaid pattern.


Women with an apple, rectangular or inverted triangle silhouette, in most cases, feature thinner legs. plaid pants are perfect in any hue or pattern. Pear and hourglass shaped figures should wear a more subtle plaid print, in darker hues. Wearing a dramatic plaid print are not as flattering on such figures as the attention is drawn away from your curvy waistline.


For women with straighter figures, you have the flexibility to play around with flared pants, keeping it classic in a slim cut, or even opting for a cropped-style trouser pant. However, for the curvy ladies, pants should have a straight leg fitting and skim over the hips and thighs. This is critical to balance out the heavier hips and thighs with the thinner lower half of the leg.


FOREVER21                                                              DRESSLILY

Plaid dresses are fun, flirty and work for corporate or day-time events. Any print or colour can be worn. The consideration lies in dress style, body shape and the accessories chosen to complete the look. Plaid is such an outspoken print, so ensure that the accompanying accessories do not overwhelm an onlooker because there is too much drama.

Essentially, with plaid dresses, less is best. However, the most important criterion is body shape.


Ensure that the dress features a cinched waist or a belt. Pencil and A-line dresses are perfect.


Ensure that the dress features a cinched waist or a belt. A pencil dress is your go-to this fall.


Select a dress that features a large waist belt and a flouncy, flirty skirt.


Body-con is your best choice to accentuate every curve.


A dress featuring an A-line frame would be perfect to balance the broadness of the shoulders.


     ZARA                                                  ZARA                            URBAN OUTFITTERS

Much like dresses, plaid skirts come in a variety of colours, prints and textures, and can be worn by women of all shapes. Keep in mind the event you’re dressing for when choosing a plaid skirt, as length and print are significant considerations.

For more information on choosing the right skirt for you, click here.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 


For this week’s look, I chose to style a fun, sleeveless plaid shirt. As a curvier women, I paired the skirt with a classic pair of dark wash denim. As a bonus, the dark wash denim ties well with the blue stripe in the plaid design. I finished the look with a pair of nude wedges.

To accompany the blue, I went with square, blue studs and a timeless IWC watch. To add a little more flair, I chose a structured, dark brown hat.


shirt: little lies | jeans: Levis | shoes: boutique | watch: IWC | earrings: Lovisa | hat: Cobra

Stay tuned for the final instalment of the plaid series, coming soon!


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In the first of many posts over the next few weeks, this is your quintessential guide to immersing in the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 2018.

First up? Plaid.

Before I divulge all my secrets on taking a print that brings back memories of ill-fitting uniforms, let’s take a look at how the biggest names in fashion integrated plaid into their autumn/winter collection:


chanel plaid

source: Vogue

Chanel rarely does things in halves, and their introduction to plaid for autumn/winter was no different. In keeping with the holographic theme, Chanel styled plaid in largely monochromatic tones, playing instead with the size of print. Plaid was embraced in all items of clothing from dresses, to coats and even collars and sleeves. Chanel took it one step further by embellishing plaid with diamantes and pearls.



gucci plaid

source: Vogue

Gucci took plaid on in a more traditional sense by playing with smaller checkered prints and tying it in with other key autumn/winter trends like wearing red. Gucci’s plaid was embraced in stylish, angrogynous suits flaunting flair in their cut2, tailored tops cinched in at the waist with overstated belts, and of course, a well fitting plaid blazer artfully thrown over a floral ensemble.



balenciaga plaid

source: Vogue

Balenciaga nailed trend combinations for autumn/winter. Their collection was nothing short of an artful amalgamation of fabrics, prints and cuts to create edge, eccentric and new age ensembles that were still chic and wearable. Whilst the size of plaid print was demure, Balenciaga transformed a plaid coat in the way it was fastened. Balenciaga maintained more traditional plaid colours, sticking to monochromes and neutral tones in their plaid skirts and coats. What makes these items pop however, is the seamless integration of clashing fabrics like leather with the plaid.


Stella McCartney

stella mccartney plaid

source: Vogue

Stella McCartney nailed the introduction to plaid for autumn/winter. Small plaid prints embellished well structured, well tailored skirts, dresses and coats. However, the seamless amalgamation of honey, sand, grey and khaki with exaggerated sleeves, well fitting torsos and tailored cuts made plaid seductive whilst still remaining elegant.



burverru plaid

source: Vogue

Burberry stepped up their autumn/winter campaign by fusing the polished demeanour of British dressing with street style grit. With seamless construction and plaid finishes, Burberry took comfort items such as penny loafers, argyle socks and coats, to create a modern tension that embodied the new age. Plaid print, textures and colours maintained their tradition, featuring neat plaid print, neutrals and military green, and a penchant for wool. However, these elements were fused with the comfort of everyday dressing to feature on hooded anoraks, sports bags and caps.

Introducing a trend can often feel intimidating because we feel as if we must buy a new wardrobe to accomodate. However, as boss ladies, just like our clothes, time is an investment. This is my guide to introducing plaid with flair and confidence, without blowing out your budget or your closet space.

The first step? Do your research.

Research is as much about understanding what’s on the runway, whats in the market and what will flatter you. Understand your body type before you buy to make the process more seamless.

Step two? It’s all about you.

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have the power to both inspire and intimidate. Forget what’s going on around you and don’t feel pressurised into buying into a trend that you aren’t comfortable with.

Step three: investment decisions

Trends don’t require a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. If you’re testing the waters with a new trend, start small. Accessories are the simplest way to do this. Another great way to introduce or test a trend is by pairing the trend with a texture or cut that is familiar to you. This ensures the items compliments your wardrobe.

Step four: less is more

If you feel as if the trend may not be able to carry through to other seasons, hero the trend with one or two statement pieces. You can always increase your collection with more.

For outfit inspiration, this week let’s start small with accessories.

Plaid accessories favour autumn and winter because it’s all about warming textures and cosy colours. Think comfort. We’re talking beautiful cashmere scarves, shawls and wraps. Chic baker boy caps, knitted beanies or even hair ribbons. Plaid also features on bags and wallets.

Don’t shy away from introducing plaid into your manicure, or hesitate to borrow from the men. Scarves are unisex, and a silk plaid handkerchief jazzes up any structured purse.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 


I’ve chosen to hero an alpaca wool, red plaid scarf. I went with a full black ensemble, featuring a mermaid cut, mullet midi skirt, a form fitting black v-neck, sheer black tights and my trusty Diana Ferrari sock boots.

To soften the impact of wearing all black, I chose to finish my look with a pop of red lipstick in the same hue as the scarf. I kept my accessories simple and structured, and chose to match black studs, a vintage Omega watch and a trusty structured work purse from Colette.


Scarf: hand knitted boutique | Skirt: Forcast | V Neck: Uniqlo | Tights: Target Australia | Boots: Diana Ferrari | Earrings: boutique | Watch: Omega | Purse| Colette | Lipstick: NARS


Here’s a handy little shopping list of accessories that will hero plaid without overwhelming your ensemble:

NAILS             TOTE                CAP              HANKY           SCARF



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This week, Diana Ferrari announced the closure of its brick-and-mortar stores across Australia, to pursue online retailing focusing solely on footwear.

As the third generation of my family to wear, love and trust the quality and service Diana Ferrari has provided, it’s heartbreaking to see another fashion icon fall victim to Australia’s struggling retail sector.

In celebration of Diana Ferrari’s timeless and iconic style, I’ve created two looks to pay homage to a brand dearly loved:

styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal










EARRINGS: Lovisa | DRESS: Teaberry | BAG: Diana Ferrari | SANDALS: Diana Ferrari | LIPSTICK: KAT VON D | WATCH: Skagen | HAT: boutique


DRESS: Jeans West | SHOES: Diana Ferrari | CLUTCH: Boutique | EARRINGS: Lovisa | Lipstick: Nars | BRACELET: Lovisa | RING: Lovisa

If you love Diana Ferrari products or are an advocate for local fashion, please like this post! In its final days, make sure you show Diana Ferrari some love!


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Let’s face it, culottes have been the colossal comeback fashion was waiting for. From colour to stripes, and even floral, brands have found countless ways to innovate with this versatile garment.

We all love culottes for their comfort. The best part is, that they can be worn in various ways to suit a plethora of occasions; just by changing your top, shoes or accessories.

This week, I have prepared three different looks that celebrate culottes – corporate, casual and cocktail.

styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 


Minimalist fashion is on trend this season, and what better way to incorporate two trends whilst still being work appropriate?


I paired my culottes with a white, scoop-neck t-shirt (tucked in tightly) and a cropped three-quarter sleeve, textured white blazer. To draw attention upward, I added a black, leather belt; and completed the look with a pair of black, leather, stiletto pumps.

For women with less curvier figures (rectangular, inverted triangle or apple), my advice is to forego the belt and tuck the t-shirt in a more relaxed manner, so that the crease sits neatly at the pant’s waist line. Alternatively, you could wear a white cropped t-shirt to achieve the same effect. Wearing a longer blazer will aid in drawing attention to your lower half.

I accessorised with a vintage Omega watch, dainty white and gold statement earrings; and a soft makeup look featuring a pink lip. You can never go wrong with a structured black bag to tie together a corporate ensemble.


This ensemble is chic and edgy – perfect for a day out with friends.

A black camisole with scalloped detailing on the bust has been neatly tucked into the camel culottes. Black heeled leather sock boots give this look drama, whist maintaining feminine flair. I have draped a leather jacket over the shoulders – the ultimate edge icon.

grungr 3

Laced up leather boots are another great shoe alternative, if that’s more your style.

gringe 2

A black crop top of similar style would also look exceptional with this outfit. But if this is not your style, and your body falls under the rectangular, apple or inverted triangle categories, then opt for a camisole that is loose and hangs neatly over the pant’s waist line.

I’ve added a link to a Wonder Woman inspired look created by Kayley Melissa, which I recreated to increase the look’s drama.



To take these culottes out for the night, I have selected a black top with a Sabrina neck-line that has been neatly tucked in. I chose to add a white marble texture as my third detail, and this features on my sandals, my earrings and my ring. My hair is lightly waved and pinned back into a half up-do.


I’ve added another link to a hair tutorial by Missy Sue, which inspired my own up-do:




white blazer: ValleyGirl | white t-shirt: H&M | black belt: boutique | black pumps: Corelli | earrings: Prouds | watch: Skagen | bag: Charles and Keith


leather jacket: Cooper St |black camisole: Target Australia | heeled boots: Diana Ferrari | lace-up boots: Boutique | earrings: Boutique | watch: IWC


black top: Portmans | sandals: Simona Ricci | earrings: Lovisa | ring: Lovisa


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“A festive dress-up is the nicest kind: indulgent and cosy, rather than exposed or difficult or provocative”

Jess Cartner-Morley, the Guardian Australia

In my morning perusal of the news, I stumbled across an article in the Guardian Australia, about Christmas dressing and its do’s and don’ts. What’s inspired my post today is a summer twist to Christmas dressing for everyone in the southern hemisphere, who still want to look chic and put together, despite the warmer temperatures.



LOOK 1 | LOOK 2 | LOOK 3

MY LOOK (08.12.17)


DRESS: NOSH| EARRINGS: Lovisa | CLUTCH: Boutique | HEELS: Kurt Geiger | RING: Colette | WATCH: Skagen

Office Christmas parties can be difficult to style, because it’s about striking a balance between maintaining your corporate dress code, whilst still getting into the holiday spirit. Choose demure cuts with simpler prints and colour schemes. The last thing you want to do is mix Christmas with Halloween. Don’t hesitate to wear a pair of statement heels or earrings, but make sure your outfit is overall sober. A fun way to accessorise is with a Christmas themed manicure. Keep your hair and makeup sleek.



LOOK 1 | LOOK 2 | LOOK 3

Family Christmas lunches are a time to reconnect with your loved ones. Wear bright colours and exciting prints to match the holiday vibe. Don’t hesitate to steer away from traditional Christmas colours. Wear an ensemble that will make you feel chic, comfortable and support your inevitable food baby. Keep your hair and makeup simple and natural. A voluminous braid or loose waves will emulate the comfort and casual atmosphere.



LOOK 1 | LOOK 2 | LOOK 3

A Christmas dinner is all about the classic cuts and Christmas colours, regardless of the temperature outside. You can still wear navy, crimson and fig in summer. It’s about choosing the right cut and neckline to accentuate your best features. Adding a little flair through statement jewellery and festive makeup will complement the beautiful atmosphere and feast. Family occasions are also the perfect moment to treat yourself and get your hair and nails done. A gorgeous braided bun or effortless curls are the perfect addition to your look.



LOOK 1 | LOOK 2 | LOOK 3

Styling an event with friends all depends on the time of day. True to Aussie spirit, wear flirty cuts and light fabrics perfect to enjoy with chilled beers and a barbecue, or a breezy and boozy party on the beach. Let your hair, makeup and accessories emulate the relaxed vibe by opting for beachy waves, a messy updo and sunkissed makeup.

I hope these tips and tricks keep you ladies looking flawless this party season.


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When I think of The Weeknd, I think of moody, dark vocals, edge, sass and suspense. So why shouldn’t my outfit reflect the same?

When dressing for a concert where you know you’re going to break it down and scream your lungs out, comfort is key. I’m a huge believer in letting your outfit emulate the artist’s vibe. That’s why, for this look, I chose to mix black, metallics, texture and leather.


styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 

Since the concert was in the night, I paired my trusty Just Jeans black denim jeggings with an H&M invisible neckline top boasting sheer sleeves. To finish off the look, I wore a pair of black sock boots from Diana Ferrari, earrings and ring from Lovisa, a boutique studded bracelet and a red lip courtesy of Maybelline.


Other alternatives for this look include wearing a black camisole, high waisted tailored shorts or combat boots. Carrying a bag that’s size appropriate and fits all your belongings is also important. I’ve linked some other bags that would work perfectly for this look.



When wearing an all black ensemble, you have free reign with the accessories you choose. I chose to stick to a metallic theme, and have curated two jewellery looks with different metals.

Because my skin tone is cooler, I went with cooler gold, silver and crystal tones. The ring and bracelet emulate the same shape; and the earrings add a bit of dramatic flair because of their unique shape. These earrings sit below your lobe, rather than on your lobe, which adds a new layer to this ensemble.


However, if you have a warmer skin tone, working with gold, bronze and darker toned silver jewellery is perfect. True to current trend, I created a bangle stack with a combination of claspless bangles, a dainty circle accented bracelet, and a dark silver bracelet to provide a bit of edge and drama. Perhaps my favourite part of this jewellery combination however, are the earrings. These earrings, reminiscent of the Dior reversible pearl earrings brought out earlier this year, can be worn with either a larger or smaller pearl, depending on your preference. You could even alternate the stud size to add a new dimension to the look.


camisole: Target Australia | sheer sleeved top: H&M | leggings: Just Jeans | Sock boots: Diana Ferrari | Combat boots: Cape Town handmade leather boutique | stud bracelet: Boutique | rings: Lovisa | bangles: Lovisa | gunmetal clasp bracelet: street markets in Pisa | circle bracelet: Lovisa | lipstick: Maybelline | Earrings: Lovisa





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-Salonee and Simran

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