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Denim is one of the most trusted yet versatile materials a woman can own. Denim pieces are stylishly chic on their own, and can easily be embellished to enhance your look. But how do you take denim to a corporate level, but retain the edgy street vibe denim possesses.

In this post, I’ve styled a denim dress to match a casual business dress code; and then transformed the dress into the perfect layering piece.

these looks are styled by Salonee Goyal and curated by Simran Goyal 

LOOK 1: The denim dress

Denim is shied away from in a corporate environment. It’s often branded as a material that is too casual. I’ve broken that myth by styling a denim dress that’s perfect for a casual Friday look. The look is clean, minimal and flaunts the best parts of me whilst still remaining office appropriate.


The details:

My base for this look is a dark wash denim pencil dress. The hardware is minimal, and the dress flaunts a body-long zipper and simple button detailing at the breast. The standout feature of this piece is the addition of a tie-waist belt. This element is essential to making the dress a versatile piece.

When worn, the dress hits my knees yet stays true to my figure. Often denim dresses are either shorter in length or they possess little shape. This makes women who are curvier look bulky and disproportionate. The belt is essential to clean up the dress and make it more professional. By clinching in my waist, I can accentuate my curves, eliminating the risk of hiding my figure.

To emphasise the minimalist style of the dress and ensure attention remains on it, I chose a pair of strappy block heels. Simple and chic. Any close toe or peep toe heel can be paired with the dress. But ensure your heels have an ankle strap. The ankle strap draws symmetry with the dress’ hemline and the belt.

When your outfit is composed of mainly block colours or simple designs, my advice would be to brighten the look with your accessories. I chose forest green as my accessory colour of choice to make the dress more vibrant. The best thing about dark wash denim is that any bright coloured bag will work.


You’ll notice that the hardware on my bag also matches the symmetry of my dress and heels.

As I’m wearing leather shoes, I went with a vintage Omega watch with a leather strap, and circular studs to match the buttons on the breast pockets of my dress.


LOOK 2: the denim jacket

There is nothing more satisfying than when a garment is versatile. To pay homage to the street chic vibe denim possesses, I used the denim dress as a layering piece.


The details:

I kept my layers simple to draw attention to the jacket. You can never go wrong with a fitted V-neck, sleeveless basic. However, if V-neck does not flatter your figure, a deep round-neck top would also be appropriate. The key is to ensure your top is fitted.

Jeggings are stylish and comfortable, and I chose to style a classic white colour. To draw the eyes up, and give the illusion of possessing longer legs, the top was tucked in.

I chose to keep the strappy block heels to elongate my figure further, and keep the look simple and clean.

To break away from the monochrome vibe of this look, I highlighted the metallic tones of the jacket with my accessories. The gold belt with silver detailing gives the outfit a subtle pop, whilst complimenting the copper buttons on the jacket. Light-coloured belts keep the attention of onlookers on the upper half of the body, and make your legs look longer.

This look was completed with the same circular studs, and a statement metal watch at the wrist to keep to the metallic theme of my accessories.

This look is simple, so why not jazz it up with some beautiful bouncy waves? My hair is styled in soft waves, with the front fringe neatly twisted back. This adds a feminine touch to the ensemble without diminishing the raw appeal of denim. The best part of these waves is that they are heatless!

dress: Target Australia | shoes: Tony Bianco | Jeggings: Uniqlo | V neck top: Rockmans | Bag: Boutique | Earrings: David Jones | Belt: Glebe Markets | watch: Omega | watch: Skagen



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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran


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