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Wouldn’t it be nice if Mondays went a little like this?

Waking up, not to the sound of an alarm, but to the comfort of morning sunlight streaming through your room? Actually having the time to savour your first cup of coffee or tea? Relaxing on the couch with your favourite book. Time at your disposal.

Unfortunately, the reality of Mondays include rush, countless meetings and the start of your Friday countdowns.

In a move to change how Mondays impact my style routine, I’ve decided on embodying the philosophy that when I look good, I feel good. Fashion for me is an outlet that showcases both my creativity and my emotions. So why should that stop just because it’s Monday? If you want to be a boss, my belief is firstly dressing to impress, so you can own the day at every step.

The details:

Styled by Salonee Goyal, curated by Simran Goyal 

Spring has sprung in Sydney, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop clouds from taking over. To counter the balmy weather, I chose to pair classic cuts in a black and white ensemble. This combination screams bold, chic and feminine. Black and white not only stand out in the grey, but are appropriate for any office dress code.


Dresses are a go to on Mondays. They’re easy, not only to wear, but also to style. I paired the dress with black leather pumps and a black purse. To compliment the white stripes on the dress, I wore a pair of silver and white studs, and completed my look with a timeless Skagen watch.


dress: Paul Dane | pumps: Corelli | bag: Charles and Keith | Earrings: Prouds | watch: Skagen




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Stylishly yours,

-Salonee and Simran

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